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Vegetable Washer

Vegetable Washer
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Product Code : Washer
Product Description

Fruit Washer 

We offer complete and continuous washing line for vegetables to be processed in frozen vegetables.
Capacity from 0.5 mt/hr to 10 mt/hr for the continuous lines.
Washing system completely manufactured in AISI 304 stainless steel and equipped with blower.
The fruits & vegetables to be washed are feed to large Stainless Steel tank, where they are soaked in water & subjected to thorough agitation by means of a powerful blower, to loosen dirt, dust & such other foreign particles.
The product is Pushed by water jet then picked up by a stainless steel conveyor/ polyvinyl/ chloride perforated slat conveyor, & subjected to powerful sprays of fresh water for further through cleaning.
Depending upon the types of fruits & vegetables to be washed, the process conditions & through put required, fruit & vegetable washers of different model, designs & materials of construction can be supplied as per specific requirement.