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Product Code : 91
Product Description


Suitable for heating and pasteurization of liquids (tomato and fruit juice).
It is made up of tube in tube spira flow pipes for steam and products
Steam at the inlet with pneumatic valve controlled by a temperature indicator.
It is possible to adjust the temperature from 50º to 150º C.
The sterilization plant heats the juice up to sterilization temperature, keep it in hold up to required time, and cool it up to filling temperature.
Materials in contact with liquids are in AISI 316 stainless steel.
The pre-heater is complete of condense discharge, steam connection pipe.

  • Single tube heat exchangers.
  • They are used for products where it is imperative to keep the solid pieces in suspension or for highly viscous but easy to process products. Smooth, corrugated or textured types can be made.

  • Multi tube heat exchangers.
  • They are used in all cases where the product to process has no specific problems regarding size, homogeneity or viscosity since they are the most advantageous from an economical point of view. Smooth, corrugated or textured types can be made.

  • Concentric tube heat exchangers:
  • They are used to obtain high cooling and heating speeds in products with a high viscosity that have no problems relating to solid pieces in suspension. Smooth, corrugated or textured types can be made.

  • Scraped surface heat exchangers.
  • They are absolutely the most flexible and for some products indispensable if you think, for example, of products that tend to stick to walls or that are not homogeneous. They let quite large sized solid pieces through.