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Fruit Washing / Inspection / Elevation Machine

In every fruit- and vegetable-handling industry, a long elevator is always required to process, clean, and sterile the incoming materials for further handling. hence, we are representing fruit washing/ inspection/ elevation machines that are tailored from food-grade metal and usually, integrated with conveyor systems. This way the tasks of cleaning, sorting, washing, rejecting and inspection are carried out smoothly and proficiently. These machines can also be combined with different continuous washing line for specific materials such as vegetables and fruits. The offered fruit washing/ inspection/ elevation machines effectively include fruit and vegetable washer, bucket elevator, inspection conveyor and many more systems that are beneficial for different industrial applications.
Product Image (Bucket Elevator)

Bucket Elevator

Price: 100000.00 - 400000.00 INR/Piece

For Elevating and Discharging Fruits & Vegetables such as Mango, Tomato, Banana, Apple, Guava Etc. from the End of One Process Equipment to the Beginning of Next. 1. Bucket Elevator 2. Flight Elevator 3. Screw Elevator Capacity: upto 5000 Kg/hr Depending upon Type, Size and Nature of Product.

Product Image (SE -Shiva Engineers)

Fruit and Vegetable Washer

We offer complete and continuous washing line for fruits and vegetables to be processed in puree and or juice. Capacity from 0.15mt/hr to 20 mt/hr for the continuous lines.