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Food Processing Machinery

Food industry is the sole sector that can turn a single ingredient into different products. To facilitate this creativity, we are featuring food processing machinery range that successfully includes PVC conveyor, pineapple peeling machine and different systems that are useful for cleaning, washing, peeling, cutting, and processing both vegetables and fruits. These machines are made with tough metal and rubber materials to enhance their work performance and life-span to produce and deliver nutritious and healthy food items. The main benefit of having our food processing machinery range is that it can be attached with different machines and plants without any troubles.
Product Image (Conveyor)

PVC Conveyor

Belt Conveyors Belt conveyor used for material handling purpose and products like fruits and vegetable, crates, boxes, cans, and similar over specified distance.

Product Image (PPM-11)

Pineapple Peeling Machinery

FEATURES ·         Stainless steel material. ·         All sides door opening. ·         Mirror polished stainless-steel material used in covering. ·         Automatic in operation. ·         Safe to operate. ·         Pneumatically operated. ·         Huge processing capacity. ·         Initial sorting of fruit is not required. ·         PLC controlled. ·         Highly efficient in nature. ·         Adjustable peeling thickness. ·         Special designed peeling cutter tool. ·         Smooth in operation. ·         Suitable for all different fruits as per mentioning dimensions. ·         One skilled operator.